Social Media

At Dream [Box] we use Social Media for businesses which provides us an opportunity to reach global customers, thus increase sales, advertise and promoting products.

Firstly a media presence allows you to engage with customers in real time therefor targeting the right audience.

Secondly with 4,57 billion internet users worldwide which is 59% of global population with average 346 million new users yearly.

We know 80 % of internet users use Facebook, so as a result reaching 1,9 billion potential customers.

Media in 60 seconds:
  1. Instagram users post 347,222 stories with business profile adds achieving 138,889 clicks
  2. Facebook users share 147,000 photos and 150,000 messages; 246,000 posts with 1,8 million likes
  3. Twitter gains 319 new users and 276,000 tweets get posted
social media